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We provide a two year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase for all Olixar products. We want all of our customers to have a positive experience every time an Olixar product is bought. Customer service is at the top of our priorities and encourage our customers to get in touch with all enquiries /advice/ product troubleshooting questions so the Olixar team can help. Please be aware all of our authorised retailers/resellers uphold the Olixar Two Year Warranty and should be the first point of call if you have received any defective items that you deem to be refunded, however we are also here to help!

Please provide a valid proof of purchase in your initial enquiry, such as your order number, date of purchase, or retailer’s receipt , etc. Unfortunately, the Olixar warranty can’t be upheld on products without proof of purchase.
This warranty strictly does not cover damages that arose from negligence, misuse, wear and tear, or not in accordance with product instructions (dropping the product, etc.) 


If you’re experiencing any technical problems with your Olixar product, we’re here to help! Please email our friendly and experienced technical support team: 

Please clearly specify the issue with your purchased item and our technical support team will aim to respond to all requests in 1-2 days. In some cases, we may need to look into the issue further, however we aim to have every enquiry resolve within 7 days of the first contact.


Olixar happily offers a two-year manufacturer warranty on a majority of Olixar products. Olixar products purchased from the Olixar website, authorised distributors or resellers are covered by the two year warranty. Certain Olixar products may have different warranties, which will be explicitly stated. Examples of products with different warranties are, but not limited to, screen protectors, cases, covers, and glass products.

When purchased through an authorised reseller, products marked with Olixar’s two-year warranty are warranted to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship under normal use for a period of two (2) years from date of original purchase. Olixar will, at its sole option, repair or replace any defective product with the same product or one of equal or lesser value during the warranty term. Replacement products provided hereunder are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of the repair or replacement for ninety (90) days or, if longer, for the remainder of the original warranty period. This warranty is non-transferable and covers only the original end-user purchaser. Defects are defined as imperfections or flaws that are produced by a manufacturing error. Accidental drops, installation failures, normal wear and tear, etc., caused by the customer are not covered under this warranty.


Olixar offers a two-year warranty for all Olixar branded screen protectors excluding glass screen protectors. This warranty is only valid for screen protectors that are considered defects. Defect is defined as an imperfection or flaw that is produced by a manufacturing error. Accidental drops, installation failures, etc., caused by the customer are not covered under this warranty. Important Note: This warranty excludes all glass products. For glass screen protectors please see below the Olixar Glass Screen Protector Policy.


Olixar offers a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for all Olixar branded glass screen protectors. Olixar has introduced a ‘Replacement’ policy, whether you’ve suffered an application error, scratched the surface, or cracked it while saving your phone, we’ve got you covered. Using the ‘Replacement’ policy Olixar offer low cost replacements on glass screen protectors no matter what the reason for two full years from date of original purchase (*max. one per year with receipt of original purchase.) For more information please email our customer support team:


Please note that for business customers different terms & conditions may apply. Please contact your sales representative for further information.


Olixar does not warrant or guarantee, and is not responsible for:

> Defects, failures, damages or performance limitations caused in whole or in part by (A) power failures, surges, fires, floods, snow, ice, lightning, excessive heat or cold, highly corrosive environments, accidents, actions of third parties, or other events outside of Olixar’s control, or (B) customer’s abuse, mishandling, misuse, negligence, improper storage, servicing or operation, or unauthorised attempts to repair or alter the equipment in any way.

> Customer must provide qualified technical personnel to maintain and repair the equipment.

> Alterations and/or Modifications to any part of Olixar’s product, without Olixar’s written authorisation unconditionally VOIDS the Olixar Warranty. Equipment built to customers specifications that are later found not to meet customers needs or expectations.

> The performance of the equipment when used in combination with equipment not purchased, specified, or approved by Olixar.

> Batteries and other consumable goods.

> OEM/Bespoke orders/Giveaways are not covered under the Olixar Two Year Warranty


The Olixar Warranty applies to the original purchaser, and is not transferrable.

For more information, please get in touch with Olixar team with any enquiries you may have by emailing us at