04 Aug Why glass screen protectors are a must

Yesterday at the Olixar office tragedy struck and one of our team realised just how important their tempered glass screen protector actually was.

Tempered glass screen protectors are a stronger and less air-bubble prone alternative to the plastic protectors most commonly used. They provide great shock protection with high visibility and sensitivity so your phone use isn’t hampered, and as one of our team discovered they really are a must for your smartphone. Admittedly she did manage to crack the screen protector six weeks ago (that will happen if you’re really, really clumsy; they are glass after all) but a week after removing it and deciding not to replace it, she then completely smashed the phone screen as well.

The phone held out for a little while but yesterday afternoon it lost its battle and is now completely unusable. If the glass screen protector had been replaced this probably wouldn’t have happened, but on the bright side the phone has given itself a nicely coloured custom wallpaper, so there’s that!

This is all the proof you need that tempered glass screen protectors are the ultimate protection for your phone, don’t risk completely smashing your screen like this, instead invest in a good quality tempered glass screen protector, made to fit most smartphones. Yes the screen protector can crack as well, it’s glass not kryptonite, but replacing a screen protector every once in a while is far less expensive and a lot less hassle than ending up with a phone like this. Of course another way to prevent nasty cracks and damage to your phone is to not drop it, but that’s easier said than done!

Tempered glass are strong and lightweight screen protectors that enhance shock protection. The best part is they’re easier to apply than plastic screen protectors and you won’t end up with lots of tiny air bubbles. Watch our video below to see just how easy they are to apply…

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