01 Sep Top Tips to Make your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Most of us suffer from a touch of battery power anxiety, especially when out and about and nowhere near a charger. Assuming you haven’t yet bought one of our premium portable chargers to ensure you always have a charging solution wherever you are, we have compiled some tips and tricks that you can get into the habit of using to help make your smartphone battery last longer.


Use power saving mode – This is an obvious choice but one that is only available to Android users. Many Android smartphones now come with a power saving mode which you can switch on whenever you feel it’s needed. Power saving mode monitors all of the functions on your smartphone that use up battery power such as screen brightness, notifications and apps running in the background. You can set your power saving mode to kick in automatically at, say, 20% of battery giving you that essential bit of extra battery-life when you need it most.


Dim the screen – Smartphone screens are getting bigger and brighter and are one of the main culprits for sucking battery life. Keep your screen as dim as possible to help conserve battery power and make your phone last a bit longer. Phone screens have the ability to be really, really bright and in most people’s day-to-day life that level of brightness is just unnecessary. Try turning your brightness right down and see how it improves your battery life. It takes a while to get used to, but will be worth it in the long run.


Turn off WiFi – If you’re at home or work with access to WiFi it makes sense to leave your phone’s WiFi on so you’re not eating into your data every time you want to check Facebook. But if you’re guilty of leaving your WiFi on all the time whether you have access to a network or not, you may be shortening your phone’s battery life by quite a lot. Always remember to turn your WiFi off when you don’t have access to a network so that your phone isn’t constantly trying to connect to one. These days WiFi is everywhere and your phone will always be searching for and attempting to connect to any WiFi available and unless you switch it off when you don’t need it this could drastically cut down your battery power.


Reduce location services – Like WiFi, if you keep your location services running all the time your phone will automatically be trying to decipher your location and update any apps accordingly. Phones like the HTC One M9 have a nice feature on the homescreen where they tell you the weather for the area you’re in. A nice little touch but something that could cost you precious battery power so go into your settings and manage your location services. You can choose high accuracy when you actually need your location services, while the rest of the time you can drop it to battery saving mode so that your battery power isn’t being eaten up while your phone constantly tries to update your location.


Close apps when not in use – Another big culprit for sucking battery power are apps that run in the background. Just because you’ve ‘exited’ an app and gone back to your homescreen, it doesn’t mean that they are no longer running. Make sure when you’re done with an app that you fully close it down to help improve your battery power and reduce the amount of background activities your phone has to undertake.


Reduce screen time-out time – Another way to help you increase your smartphone’s battery power is to reduce the screen time-out time. You can control how long your screen stays on while your phone is not in use and, naturally, the shorter this time is the less battery power it’ll use. Reduce the time-out time to make the most of your battery power and reduce the amount of unnecessary wastage.


Turn off vibrate – Having your phone on vibrate while you’re at work or school seems like a good solution; the phone won’t make a noise likely to disturb you or your colleagues but you will still be aware when and if your phone goes off so you won’t miss any important notifications or phone calls. Unfortunately though, vibrate does eat up battery and one way to help conserve your battery power is to put your phone completely on silent. You do have quite a lot of control over your sound profiles and with Android’s new features that allow you to put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ or ‘priority’ mode you can edit your sound settings to suit you. For example if you want your phone on silent to conserve battery but still want your phone to ring if you get an important call, you can alter your settings so only your calls have a notification sound while everything else stays silent.


Be picky about your notifications – Following on from the above, another way to help you conserve your battery power is to be picky about your notifications. Make sure you turn off any unnecessary notifications and only turn on the ones you need. For example, you probably don’t need a notification every time someone follows you on Twitter or Instagram, so make sure you go into your settings and turn these off. This will help to conserve your battery and also reduce the amount of pesky notifications clogging up your homescreen!


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