16 Sep Smartphone accessories that prove you’re never too old

The latest edition of the Smartphones for Seniors magazine features several of our innovative gadgets and accessories that prove you’re never too old. They’ve put together a selection of gadgets and accessories that are a perfect addition to anyone’s lifestyle and easily usable for the older generation.



The anti-lost device and key finder is a small, handy device that ensures you never misplace your essentials. Set a distance and hear an alarm whenever your smartphone and keys venture further than that set distance apart. This means that you’ll always be notified when your keys or phone are far away and you can use the device to track their whereabouts. Also doubling up as a Bluetooth remote perfect for taking photos, this small device is handy and versatile and a must have for any smartphone owner.



The Hexstyli is the ideal pocket-size device for anyone that fancies themselves as a bit of a DIY expert. This 6-in-1 gadget gives you a ruler, spirit level, two screwdrivers and a stylus as well as a ball point pen, all in one handy pocket size design. More than just your every day Biro, the Hexstyli means you have an easy way to carry all your essential tools with you and is perfect for odd jobs around the house.

X2 Pro Bluetooth Headphones


A stylish and hip pair of headphones that pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth for easy, wireless listening. Lightweight and portable you can carry these with you wherever you go, and the sound quality is crisp thanks to the improved Bluetooth connectivity. Listen to your music easily without needing to worry about wires, these headphones are perfect for travel or using around the home.

Non-Tangle USB/Lightning Cable


Tangled wires can be an irritating thing of the past with this non-tangle USB/Lightning cable. Charge your devices easily with no need to untangle wires beforehand, the flat bodied design of this cable prevents annoying knots and tangles to make your life easier. The 2-in-1 adapter allowing for both micro USB and lightning devices means you only need one cable to charge all your gadgets!

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