19 May Olixar unveils the Point-Of-You Universal Smartphone Neck Mount

Sharing is king in the today’s world, and it’s easier than ever to share whatever you want. Artists, performers, and entertainers are sharing more than ever before thanks to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live. Whether you want to broadcast yourself playing the latest triple-A videogame, create breath-taking art live on stream, or simply walk your friends through your new flat, you have more choices than ever before when it comes to getting yourself out there. And where there’s a hobby, there’s an accessory that makes that pursuit easier than ever before. To that end, we here at Olixar have launched our new must-have accessory, the Olixar Point-of-You.

But what is the Point-of-You? With a built-in phone grip that expands up to 3 inches wide, and a snug neck grip, the Point-of-You keeps your phone around your neck and out of your hands. The Point-of-You may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts kid, with a ton of uses wrapped up into one small package. From content creation to a handy viewing stand, we’ve broken down our favourite uses for the Point-of-You, just for you.


1. Share your creativity

One of Twitch’s most recent additions, Twitch Creative is the go-to destination for live-streams of creative people creating amazing creations – whether that be with Photoshop, sketches, tattoos, or even working with clay – Twitch Creative has it all.

If you’re an aspiring Twitch Creative content creator who works with physical media, then the Olixar Point-of-You should absolutely be your first port of call. Smartphone cameras have come a long way since the advent of the first iPhone, and with some smartphones now able to shoot in stunning 4k resolutions, there’s no need to invest in an expensive new camera when your smartphone can work just as well. Thanks to the positioning of your smartphone in a central location, the Olixar Point-of-You makes video creation easy, while keeping your hands free and visible to your viewers.

The Olixar Point-of-You keeps your hands free while keeping a steady view onto your work. Don’t fuss around with cameras to find that “perfect” angle for your work – show your audience exactly what you see and give them a whole new appreciation for the way you work.

2. Create the content you love

But that’s not the only content out there. Unboxing videos and tech reviews are huge right now, and allow viewers to experience some of what they can expect from the product in question.Unboxing videos and tech reviews thrive on audience participation, thanks to the Olixar Point-of-You, you can make your videos really come alive with a camera angle that shares what you see. Give your audience an appreciation of the tech you test every day with an angle that reflects it best.

Videos on new tech go hand-in-hand with tutorial videos showing how it works. Using the Olixar Point-of-You, you can teach your audience from the perspective they learn best in – their own!

3. Share your point of view with the Point-of-You

Sharing isn’t just about entertainment – it’s about friends and family as well. As life becomes more and more active, our chances to engage with our loved ones can reduce just as much. Don’t let any more moments slip by.

Using live-streaming services like Facebook Live, you can share your most important moments with those who need to see them. Just got a new flat? Attach your smartphone to an Olixar Point-of-You and show them around your new place in real-time. Buying something new for the first time? Don’t get caught out – just get an experienced friend on the line and have them look over your purchase at the same time as you thanks to the personal perspective offered by the Olixar Point-of-You! It’s easy to feel isolated in this advanced world of our reduce your personal barriers with the Olixar Point-of-You.

4. Take the camera out of your hands

Taking video on the move can be a tricky business. No matter who you are or what you’re doing, taking a video involves at least one of your hands and most of your attention. Making sure you’re keeping your smartphone steady while keeping the framing correct can be tricky business, and doing so while on the move can be a recipe for bruises.

Using the Olixar Point-of-You, you no longer need to worry about your smartphone. Thanks to the Point-of-You’s solid rubber pad grip and the snug fit around your neck, you need not worry about the stability of your smartphone, allowing you to concentrate on your route, rather than your shoot.

So whether you’re taking video of your hiking trip for a highlight video at a later date, compiling video of choice locations, or simply capturing memories, the Olixar Point-of-You lets you record for later, without taking your attention from the now.

5. Double up as a desk stand

The Olixar Point-of-You’s uses don’t end when you’ve finished shooting your videos. Thanks to the rubber grip and the neck piece, the Olixar Point-of-You also functions as a handy video stand, perfect for sharing the videos you’ve shot with your friends and family, capturing more video from a static perspective, or simply watching videos by yourself.

The Olixar Point-of-You is available from:

Mobile Fun USA

Mobile Fun UK

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