13 Aug Moto X Style May Be Set to Launch on the 3rd of September

Motorola’s new flagship smartphone may be set for release in just 3 weeks after a Tweet by Motorola suggested that the phone was being released on the 3rd of September.


The Moto X Style (also known as the ‘Pure Edition’ to those in the US) was launched last month and Motorola gave only a very vague idea about when it’d become available. We knew it’d be September but we didn’t know it would be as soon as the 3rd, so Motorola fans looking to get their hands on the new Moto X have something to be excited about.

The Moto X Style sports a massive 5.7″ display and 21MP camera. It has a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB RAM and comes with either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage space as well as microSD support. With its budget friendly price it’s likely that the Moto X Style will be a big hit when it’s released in three weeks time, it’s customisable as well with a range of back colours to choose from so that you have a phone that matches your style.

Unfortunately for anyone that likes to have their phone on-contract and doesn’t want the expense of buying a handset outright, Motorola are trying out the direct to consumer approach with the new Moto X and the phone will only be available through Motorola’s own site or sites like Amazon. There are a number of pros and cons to this approach but unfortunately for many, even despite Motorola’s impressively low price it’s likely to be difficult for many people to get their hands on the Moto X Style without the option of paying a monthly contract.

The phone will be fully unlocked, and the benefit of removing the middle man and selling directly to the consumer is that updates will be available quicker and costs will be cut down. This is a new approach for Motorola but perhaps if they succeed with it we can expect to see more budget smartphones being sold direct to consumer in the future.


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