25 Aug Leaked Images of the new Huawei Nexus

A Google+ user recently leaked some images of what appears to be the upcoming Huawei Nexus smartphone, complete with a raised camera section on the rear. Interesting choice!

Rumors have been rife lately with people speculating whether Google would be releasing two Nexus smartphones this year and these images could possibly be our first glimpse at the new  Huawei Nexus handset.

The images don’t really give too much away save the design aspects. The handset features a pronounced panel for the rear camera which is an odd design choice not really in keeping with current trends. Perhaps that panel houses a speaker too but it’s difficult to see in these images.


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The new smartphone sports what looks like a finger print reader as suggested by the circular cut-out hole in the back of the protective case.

While we’re unsure yet whether these images are in fact definitive photos of the new Huawei Nexus they do seem to match quite closely the renders posted by OnLeaks earlier this month.

Google+ user Tiesen Fu posted these leaked images recently which appear to have been sent via popular Chinese messaging service Tencent QQ. Huawei is based in China so it’s possible these pictures are the real deal.

In terms of specs, all we have to go on is previously leaked but unconfirmed information suggesting the new smartphone, known as the Huawei Angler, may have a 5.7″ screen with a battery capacity of around 3500mAh. It all sounds good so far, and the leaked pictures look reasonable despite the raised camera section on the back which harks back to the original camera hump seen on some of Motorola’s handsets.

If the usual Nexus timeframe is anything to go by this new smartphone should be available around October this year although, much like its specs, this hasn’t been confirmed yet. So watch this space!



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