04 Aug iPhone 6s Sneak Peak in Leaked Images

It’s not long until that time of year when Apple traditionally launch their new iPhone and with fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming iPhone 6s release images have been leaked and rumours have been spread.

So what can we expect from the upcoming iPhone 6s?

Leaked images courtesy of GeekBar have shown the front panel of the new iPhone and already we can tell it looks very similar to the iPhone 6. With very few details released as yet it’s difficult to say for sure what we cane expect from the iPhone 6s. Will it be much different to the iPhone 6? Perhaps they’re planning an upgraded screen resolution, or maybe following in the footsteps of budget smartphones and improving the camera specs.

Rumours have been spreading as they always do about what the new iPhone will offer. It is likely that Apple will launch both an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 6s Plus, following suit from last year. It is also pretty much certain that they’ll launch them next month, which is when they usually launch the new iPhone each year.

There doesn’t seem to be much room or even need to improve upon the iPhone 6, yes it could be everso slightly slimmer, but this difference couldn’t possibly be particularly noticeable what with the iPhone 6 already being pretty slim. The camera could be better, maybe the screen resolution will be improved and they might upgrade the battery capacity which at the moment is fairly unimpressive compared to other smartphones.

It’ll be interesting to see what the iPhone 6s will bring to the table this year, and how much different it’ll be to the iPhone 6. At the moment all we have to go on are a few leaked images and lots of speculation but we don’t have much longer to wait before the phone is officially launched, so watch this space!


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