07 Sep Hilarious Animals that Need a Selfie Stick for Christmas

It’s Monday and no one likes Monday. But fear not, we are here for you with a list that is sure to put a smile on your tired and grumpy little face; funny animal selfies!

We stock a number of selfie sticks to help you take the perfect selfie, from pocket-size selfie sticks to selfie sticks that look like a ninja katana. We think these animals should really consider putting an Olixar selfie-stick on their Christmas list!

This cat:



This cat looks like it’s smoked something it shouldn’t have. No doubt the poor thing is trying to awkwardly press the capture button so it doesn’t have to use the shoddy rear camera! All this cat needed was a mirrored selfie stick and all his selfie woes would’ve been solved and this embarrassing photo would have never got out!

This scary sloth



This sloth has just ruined all her chances on Tinder with this photo; no one’s going to be swiping right for that! Someone get this sloth a selfie stick and sort her out…please!

This adorable puppy




Dodgy selfies are a sure-fire way to make something cute look really, really weird. Take this puppy for instance! If he’d been using a selfie stick that double-chin-tongue-out look wouldn’t have happened.

This cheeky bunny


This cheeky chappie has pretty much mastered the cute-and-funny selfie technique but we bet with the aid of a selfie stick she could be modelling on the front of Vogue in no time! At the moment though…not so hot.

This majestic feline


Dizzy the cat looks…well…dizzy in this dodgy selfie, clearly not taken from the most flattering angle. Selfie sticks prevent all those awkward up the nose shots that, let’s face it, don’t look good on anyone, and let you take your selfie from the perfect high-angle to highlight your best features and prevent situations like this!

This awkward horse


It’s hard trying to take a selfie from the perfect angle. When you know what your best side is but can’t quite capture it, you might end up looking like this! This horse really could do with a selfie stick this Christmas!

This blurry cat

images (1)

Motion blur is sure to ruin even the best of selfies but, sadly, without a selfie stick it happens a lot. Avoid looking like this blurry little fuzzy-face and buy yourself a good selfie stick!

This dorky cheetah



Another animal who’s dignity could’ve been saved by a selfie stick, this cheetah could’ve done with a mirror to avoid that dorky face!

We hope that’s brightened up your Monday a bit and put a smile on your face. Now, go and take a selfie and show us that smile, but don’t forget your selfie stick!

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